Adult Program Overview

The study of Budo through the training of Traditional Martial Arts has long been considered one of the most complete methods of developing psycho-physical unity within an individual. It is through the balanced development of physical health, tactical skill, mental toughness and emotional intelligence, that this unity is achieved. Following the traditional path of Budo, practitioners will build the confidence and tools necessary to effectively manage the state they are in and the elements of conflict surrounding them.

Our adult program is reality-based and is the largest and most well-known in the city. Our training process is equally divided between the physical and the mental aspects of individual development. With an elaborate day and evening schedule, students have the freedom to focus on one, or to cross-train in complimenting styles up to 6 days a week with varying class times that are specific to level and ability.

Whether you are interested in fun recreational training, health and fitness, practical self-defence, or working toward the highest level of practical Self Defense, it’s all here.