The Dojo

ONLINE-BJJ-BLACKBELT-DUPS The Dojo was established in 1992 in downtown Barrie. 23 years later, it has grown to be the oldest, largest and most reputable Martial Arts training facility in Barrie and is one of the most beautiful Clubs in the country.  Shuhari boasts a state of the art, 7000 sq. ft. facility which features an open concept feeling through high ceilings and skylights.

The Club offers two training areas.  The upper level of the Club includes a traditional 1400 sq. ft., fully mirrored, hardwood Dojo.  This area overlooks a massive 2100 sq. ft. fully mirrored Jujutsu Dojo complete with high quality, wall to wall matting, a digital fight timer, a surround sound system for sparring and rolling and re-enforced walls for fighting and self defence applications. Both levels are laced with professional training equipment including hand weights, Muay Thai pads, kicking shields and heavy bags.

The club has an elaborate security surveillance system that monitors the safety of the students and protects the facility 24/7. The change rooms, on the main level, are large and equipped with shelving and students lockers.  An over sized spacious hallway adds a smooth flow between transitioning classes .

The Club is wheel chair accessible, has ample parking and the convenience of City bus service that almost drops you off on the front door step.

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