Adult Karate


Shuhari’s Karate Program is exceptional. With a beautiful 24 year history here in Barrie, it has produced an incredible family of loyal Black belts that now make up the very backbone of the programs appeal. The bond between the Black belts, their maturity, their commitment to development and finally their love, respect and appreciation for the teachers, is clearly evident within the atmosphere of the Dojo. Their genuine interest in protecting the nature of our program fosters such a positive, friendly learning environment that new students are finding it easier and easier to become hooked and pulled into the mix.

Our Karate program is not geared toward sport. The traditional forms of Okinawan Goju Ryu are taught preserved and intact with the finest attention to detail, etiquette and self control. With the preservation of the system properly cared for, our ability to implement a dynamic fighting program is exposed. Our stand up program combines the inside nature and angle fighting of Goju Ryu with the devastating elbow, knee and leg attacks of Muay Thai. Classes include shadow boxing, movement drills, pad work and significant amounts of Randori practice where light body contact and takedowns are permitted in the safest environment possible.

The Karate program is traditionally based and delivered dynamically by the Chief Instructor and includes all of the Philosophy and wisdom of Masters past and present. Classes for the adult Karate program run six days a week with both afternoon and evening class options available. All classes are co-ed and open to all ranks. The minimum age for the program is 14 and the minimum age to be eligible for Black belt is 18. Students are encouraged to train at least twice a week to promote progress and beyond that as often as they like. Traditional white uniforms are mandatory and everyone is a student. Black belts train, assist and take care of the lower ranks. Brown belts train, assist and echo the Black belts. Kids do not teach and there is only one Sensei in the Dojo. The quality of our program and the reputation of the instructors was built on these principles and we are fully committed to maintaining them.

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