Kids Program Overview


For many years now, Shuhari has had the fortunate opportunity to work hand in hand with Barrie families as they look to raise their children to the best of their abilities. Shuhari is wholeheartedly committed to creating the most reputable and personable “outside the home” learning environment for the kids in our community.

The kids program is separated by art of interest and has been specially developed for children between the ages of 5 and 13 with a minimum age to test for Black Belt set at 18. In an empowering environment, the children become immersed in physical training that promotes health while creating the mental discipline required to master new skills. As kid learn to develop their capacity to focus, they build the confidence necessary to face life’s’ challenges head on.

The delivery of our kids program is specifically designed to teach today’s youth the essence of interpersonal skills, politeness and respect. Our mindset is geared toward treating children like the adults they are going to be with an emphasis on self esteem, emotional control and responsibility for self. It is important that parents do not view our program as just another sport activity. The potential of a Traditional Martial Arts program for children will only be recognized if the parents understand that their children’s training with us must be treated as an extension of their schooling. The continuation of that schooling must not be determined by a fun meter. Our relationship with the families in our Dojo have been built on this understanding. This understanding is crucial. The long term benefits for the child are immeasurable.

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