Shuhari Martial Arts Studio is one of the finest clubs in Canada and offers the most comprehensive and reputable Martial Arts training programs anywhere North of Toronto. The only Traditional and Modern Martial Arts experience in the city of Barrie that offers study in Thai, Okinawan, Japanese, Brazilian and Chinese fighting styles. With solid lineage to some of the world’s greatest teachers, Shuhari is home to the city’s most respected instruction and provides an endless fountain of knowledge to both Traditional Martial Arts and Modern fighting styles.


Welcome to SHR!

Shuhari Martial Arts was founded in 1992 in downtown Barrie. 24 years later, it has grown into the oldest, largest and most reputable Martial Arts training facility in Barrie and one of the most beautiful clubs in the country. A state-of-the-art, 7000-square-foot facility that features an open concept feeling through high ceilings and skylights.


Kids Program

The kids program is for children between the ages 5 and 13 with a minimum age to test for Black Belt set at 18. In an empowering environment, the children become immersed in physical training that promotes health while creating the mental discipline required to master new skills.


Adult Programs

The study of Budo through the training of Traditional Martial Arts has long been considered one of the most complete methods of developing psycho-physical unity within an individual. It is through the balanced development of physical health, tactical skill, mental toughness and emotional intelligence, that this unity is achieved.